A Best-in-Class Experience from Start to Finish

Expert care, private smart suites, and rigorous safety protocols come together to deliver an exceptional healing experience.


A nurse will bring you to your private suite and painlessly start your IV using numbing medication. Room lighting, chair position, music, and other options will be adjusted to maximize your comfort.


The Infusion

Within 5 minutes of starting the infusion, you will begin to feel the effects of the ketamine. The infusion lasts for 40 minutes and most find it very calming and say it feels as if they are floating.



During the infusion, a board Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist will continuously watch your vital signs from outside your suite, and is available to come check on you every 15 minutes if desired.


Waking Up

After the infusion, the nurse will gently remove the IV and monitoring equipment. You’ll then have some time to collect you thoughts and fully awaken from the procedure while you wait for your ride.


Private Smart Suite

Enjoy 90 minutes of peace in your own private suite, where you can customize your preferences to experience ultimate comfort.

Control Everything in your Suite with our Command Center App

Effortlessly adjust lighting, music, shades, and aromatherapy, request a nurse, and monitor your infusion's progress and end time — all from the comfort of your chair.

Curated Playlists

Enjoy our curated playlists, organized by energy level and crafted to soothe, inspire, and elevate your therapeutic experience.

Your Environment Matters

Research indicates that the setting of your infusion significantly impacts your treatment experience, as a calm and supportive environment can enhance therapeutic effects. That's why Ketamine Uplift features innovative Smart Suites, designed to put environmental control in your hands while discreetly concealing all medical equipment.

Transformative Change

Inspiring stories of patients who have found profound relief and renewed hope through their journeys with ketamine infusion therapy.

Kelly, 53

Tony, 45

Ellie, 64

Kelly, 53


I've been undergoing ketamine infusion therapy for about 7 months now, and the change in my depression has been remarkable. During the lockdown, my mental health really suffered, and nothing seemed to help. Once I started with the ketamine treatments, I noticed a significant shift in my mood and outlook. The therapy helped reduce my depressive symptoms and gave me a sense of control over my life again. I feel like a new person, more engaged and hopeful than before."

Results may vary.

After the Infusion

The infusion is only the start. Here's what happens afterwards.

Take a Break

After the infusion, you may be a bit groggy. It's important not to drive, operate heavy machinery, or make any major decisions for the next 12 hours.

Noticing Changes

With Ketamine Infusion Therapy, change often happens right away. Give yourself some time to enjoy the changes in the way you think.

Wake Up to a New Day

A good nights sleep after your infusion allows the medication to wear off completely. Many patients wake up feeling the full impact of the treatment.

The Program

See how we made this once out of reach procedure finally accessible.

Financial Services

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Financing Disclaimer: $325/month for Uplift Momentum Protocol™ (medical procedure), financed over 12 months with a total cost of $3,900, 0% interest. Approval based on internal criteria, including bank account history and a soft credit pull. Payments are auto-withdrawn monthly . Subject to $25 late fee for missed payments and other terms. Cancellation within 3 days of agreement allowed. Governed by California law and AAA arbitration rules. View Terms & Conditions

Important Medical Disclaimers

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