On a Mission to Bring Happiness Back

Leveraging innovation and science to bring the joy of life back to our patients

Our Story

Ketamine Uplift was born from a groundbreaking idea: to not only heal but to revolutionize the healing experience. What if a medical clinic could transform the often daunting prospect of treatment into something patients anticipate with hope? What if affordability was paired with a scientifically validated protocol that may provide a year of sustained relief, including necessary boosters? Motivated by these questions, we established a company where therapeutic innovation meets compassionate care, offering patients the opportunity to reset their lives. Here, every new day is a step forward, accumulating into powerful, life-changing momentum.

Our Vision

Best-in-Class Facilities

Offer transformative spaces where patients look forward to every visit. A place to reset their lives.

Streamline Process

Eliminate paperwork, one-click Telehealth appointments, and smart scheduling to avoid wait times.

Make it Accessible

In-house financing , easy online application process, and guaranteed approvals and affordable payments on certain programs.

Safety is Paramount

In-house financing , easy online application process, and guaranteed approvals and affordable payments on certain programs.

Meet Dr. Geoffery O'Neill, MD


Dr. O'Neill is a Board Certified anesthesiologist based in Los Angeles, California. Dr. O'Neill earned his medical degree from the prestigious David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and has dedicated over 15 years to practicing medicine in California. As the Chief Medical Officer of Ketamine Uplift, he brings his meticulous attention to detail to develop the Uplift Momentum Protocol, setting the standard of care for our patients. Renowned for his expertise and compassionate care, Dr. O'Neill continues to elevate patient experiences and outcomes.

Financial Services

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Financing Disclaimer: $325/month for Uplift Momentum Protocol™ (medical procedure), financed over 12 months with a total cost of $3,900, 0% interest. Approval based on internal criteria, including bank account history and a soft credit pull. Payments are auto-withdrawn monthly . Subject to $25 late fee for missed payments and other terms. Cancellation within 3 days of agreement allowed. Governed by California law and AAA arbitration rules. View Terms & Conditions

Important Medical Disclaimers

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Financial Services


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